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Good for Diabetic Neuropathy

Posted by iHerb Customer on Apr 17, 2012 | Verified Purchase

I was diagnosed with Type 2, Diabetes 5 years ago. I am 70 years old. The worst case scenario for for diabetic is nerve damage in feet and legs causing burning, tingling and numbness and even amputations. Eye damage which can lead to blindness and kidney failure. Within the first year I began to have issues with my left leg and foot as mentioned above. I read about Lipoic Acid and that the R-Lipooic acid was the best kind. I started taking 500 Mg. per day, which is considered safe, even at 1200 Mg. I used Dr.Best and Life Extensions 300 Mg to make up the 500 Mg. dose. I no longer have any leg or foot issues. My Opthamologist said there was no evidence of any damage to my eyes. R-Lipoic acid is not a license to eat WRONG, but it has played a big role in preventing and reversing nerve damage for me I believe. Other diabetic I know are having their toes removed, walking with canes due to nerve damage, etc., and losing their eye sight. Learn to eat right and exercise and take R-Lipoic Acid and a high grade fish oil. Educate yourself on Diabetes, as you will get little help from your doctors as a general rule. Most Diabetic cook books are a mere hint of what they should be. Bitter Melon Capsules have also helped lower my blood sugar, which I buy from I-Herb. No one thing is a cure all for this disease. You must change your life style and eating habits.

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Is This THE BEST Antioxidant $ Can Buy?

Posted by iHerb Customer on Sep 14, 2014 | Verified Purchase

I have been in the nutritional supplement industry for 21 years, and I am a fanatical antioxidant researcher. There are several exceptional antioxidants (Pycnogenol pine bark extract, Tocomin SupraBio tocotrienols, Lyc-O-Mato lycopene, Pomella pomegranate extract). However, decades of scientific research + the results that nutritionally oriented physicians have gotten with their patients clearly shows that lipoic acid (especially the "body identical form" used in this product) is truly remarkable. Lipoic acid makes other antioxidants (C, E, CoQ10, glutathione) work better by restoring their antioxidant powers after they have donated all of their electrons to neutralize free radicals, thus become free radicals themselves (though not as dangerous as the ones they just stabilized). Lipoic acid is the single best substance for boosting / restoring levels of glutathione - your body's most important water-soluble antioxidant & master detoxifying agent. Studies have shown lipoic acid (the old "Alpha" form) can boost glutathione levels by 30%. This newer form (stabilized R-lipoic acid) may be even more effective in this critical task. Lipoic acid itself is an extraordinary antioxidant on its own. It helps fight the five major free radicals found in humans. And it is the ONLY antioxidant native to the body that can work in both the water- and fat-soluble parts of the cells! Due to FDA / FTC regulations, I cannot tell you about the MANY ailments that lipoic acid has been shown to be effective for preventing / alleviating. What I do recommend is that you get the book "The Antioxidant Miracle" (Lester Packer, PhD., Carol Colman, Wiley & Sons, 1999). You will learn so many exciting details about the major antioxidants [lipoic acid, C, E, CoQ10, glutathione, and many herbal / botanical antioxidants) from the world's leading antioxidant researcher. I will leave you with this: No truly effective "anti-aging" / antioxidant supplement regimen can be truly effective without lipoic acid...and this product contains THE MOST EFFECTIVE FORM of lipoic acid.

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Good eye health

Posted by iHerb Customer on Apr 23, 2009 | Verified Purchase

The article that I read informed that R-Lipoic Acid was a good product to enhance eye health for patients with glaucoma along with traditional meds. I received the best eye test since I learned that I had the disease.

Thanks for your feedback!

Most Cost Effective R-Lioic Acid (Corrrect Optical Isomer)

Posted by iHerb Customer on Dec 22, 2008 | Verified Purchase

Best price per gram, very high quality product. Take with meals. Combine one to two doses a day with daily L-Carnitine. Note: L-Carnitine should be taken on an empty stomach. Taking these each day increases the efficiency of the cellular mitochondrial. Take these each day and forget about your morning coffee, you will have energy without caffeine.

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Amazing stuff!

Posted by iHerb Customer on Apr 09, 2008 | Verified Purchase

I had been taking a formula designed to produce glutathione in the body. It contained Alpha Lipoic Acid. I took it for several months. I experienced some increased energy and less joint pain. However, the benefits didn't last. I did some research and found out about R-lipoic acid and Dr's Best Stabilized R-Lipoic Acid...I lost my sugar cravings in a couple of days and experienced an increase in energy that has continued for a couple of weeks now. I am looking forward to seeing what the future will bring on this supplement!

Thanks for your feedback!

Amazed by the difference when taking this

Posted by iHerb Customer on May 17, 2010 | Verified Purchase

I've always battled sweet cravings and hunger pangs, and when I take this, those cravings are all but gone. The feeling of satisfaction after eating lasts much longer, and my energy level doesn't go up and down. I wouldn't have believed that this product could possibly make such a difference in my quality of life. Fantastic.

Thanks for your feedback!

Hypoglycemia Helper

Posted by iHerb Customer on Mar 06, 2010 | Verified Purchase

I have reactive hypoglycemia and this is one of the first supplements I've ever taken that really seems to help me. I researched on the web that ALA may lower blood sugar so I didn't try it for fear of feeling worse. For some reason I decided to try it and I was shocked I how good I felt. I even tested a very high carb meal and it didn't completely fix my reactive hypoglycemia, but I feel a lot better afterwards...like the sugar hangover is way less. I love this stuff and will take it forever probably.

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best for your stomach to!

Posted by iHerb Customer on Sep 18, 2008 | Verified Purchase

standard alpha lipoic acid burn my stomach, I have no problem with this one...

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Good ALA product

Posted by iHerb Customer on Apr 15, 2008 | Verified Purchase

I've tried many of these products. My "tried and true" was unavailable (Glucophase by Designer Supplements) so I decided to try th sodium bound ALA. This has all the attributes of my favorite brand and is less expensive. I always do a blood glucose test after taking these to insure that it is working....this one is.

Thanks for your feedback!

Great Product

Posted by iHerb Customer on Oct 16, 2013 | Verified Purchase

This is probably one of the most under utilized products, one of the best products, and one of the most important products when it comes to general health. While most are taking vitamin C and E, sometimes in very large doses, most of that is lost through the digestive tract and R-Lipoic acid supplementation provides a steady stream of C and E by regenerating it in the body, meaning you don't need to take a bunch of C and E in pill form and creating a more natural 'time release' effect. End result = better looking, moist, youthful skin and hair + lower cancer risk as these free radical busters go to work more effectively

Thanks for your feedback!

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