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Neti Pot Love

Posted by iHerb Customer on February 28 2008 | Verified Purchase

I love my new Neti Pot. The design of it makes it much easier to use than my old one (that unfortunately broke), the nozzle doesn't go all the way into your nose but covers the whole opening which forces the water out the other side because air can't get in through the opposite side. At first I thought it was strange that the nozzle didn't fit (all the way into my nostril) but then I figured out why. I'm so glad my other Neti pot broke because this one is ace!

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Alledged Allergies Defeated

Posted by iHerb Customer on July 22 2006 | Verified Purchase

After a frustrating year of my doctor insisting I had allergies without finding out to what and $70 a month steroid-containing nasal sprays, nasal douching (actually an ancient yoga practice)cleared up my problem with unexplained congestion in my ears and earaches that would frequently come and go. American medicine consumes 70% of the drugs in the world yet we rank 37th in general health! This simple solution - the neti pot - will help many people who think they have allergies (According to a poster I once saw in a Quest Diagnostics Center, 64% of "allergies" are not allergies at all) Although media seems to be keeping quiet about it, our air quality has been plummetting all across the country due to the deceit of politicians in behalf of their corporate puppeteers. Many people who think they have allergies are simply reacting to the air pollution no one is admitting to. Practicing nasal irrigation can help with the irritation of pollution and help clean out infectious microbes before they can bloom. The neti pot and saline is much less expensive than $70 nasal steroids, and more importantly, more effective without putting steroids into your body. After a few days practice you will look forward to this wonderful natural practice that is both healing and preventative.

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Neti Pot

Posted by iHerb Customer on October 20 2007 | Verified Purchase

iHerb.com managed to pack this ceramic pot so that it arrived unbroken--a minor miracle. They also gave me the lowest shipping charge I've seen anywhere. The pot is very nice. The shape makes it easy to use, and the top prevents spilling. This pot was to replace another brand of pot that I bought in a local health food store. It was very pretty with a blue glaze, but after a few months I dropped it accidentally into the sink while rinsing it--it only fell a few inches, but it broke. I hope my new white pot will not break as easily. I like that this is the brand that was used by Dr. Oz on the Oprah Winfrey Show to demonstrate using a neti pot. I hope that this means it is a good choice. It was also the lowest priced pot available on this site. Thanks!

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Everyone NEEDS one of these!

Posted by iHerb Customer on September 22 2010 | Verified Purchase

I have been plagued with recurrent sinus infections for years. Being allergic to many antibiotics, I was running out of options. I was scared to death to try a neti pot, for I have a fear of water after nearly drowning when I was a child. Well, when you are desperate, you will try anything. I purchased this neti pot & was sweating bullets when I attempted using it the first time. It was easy & I was hooked! And guess what -- no more sinus infections. It flushes the bacteria right out. My husband (who was skeptical) now uses one, too, & swears by it. It has really helped his allergies. He even recommends them to other people who are suffering. We could seriously do a commercial for this product. I even purchased a spare, for I can't be without one, in case of breakage. A non-breakable, travel one is going to be my next purchase. Nice, smooth design with a lip over the opening, to prevent water from splashing over the top, in case you tip the pot too far. Everyone needs one of these in their medicine cabinet!

Thanks for your feedback!

Best neti pot!

Posted by Jodi-Hummingbird on April 2 2013 | Verified Purchase

I found this product much easier to use than the Himalayan Institute one. If you have weakness in your arms (as I do) then the more ergonomic design of this pot really does make it easier and more comfortable to use. The design of this pot makes you use less arm strength to hoold it up as you don't have to hold it so far away from your face. You can hold it up by kind of bracing your arm against your face. It also means it holds more water so you can do both nostrils on one fill, and the pot also spills a lot less often due to the spill barrier it has. Used daily the neti pot has made an amazing difference to my allergies and sinus pain due to allergies. It just makes so much sense to do this before you consider taking pills to just suppress the symptoms. Having allergies and not using a neti pot daily is madness! It helps so much and is so easy. It takes only a minute and a half a day and while slightly annoying to do, is not at all hard or unpleasant to do once you get the hang of it. I'm often surprised by how well I can breathe after doing a neti pot in the morning, how much doing one has reduced or gotten rid of a headache and even sometimes a fuzzy brain...and how quickly the endless sneezing and sinus pain comes back if I forget to do it for a week or so. If you aren't suffering with arm strength issues etc. and don't mind refilling your pot a bit more often then both pots are probably close to equally good and all that matters is that you use them often. Both pots are very good but I prefer this one hands down.

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Posted by iHerb Customer on October 30 2007 | Verified Purchase

This is something I have been looking for for a long time. It is wonderful and so easy to use. I have many allergies and constant sinus problems. Since using this little Nasal Cleansing pot, I have been almost free of burning, itching and congested sinuses!!!

Thanks for your feedback!

love my neti pot!

Posted by iHerb Customer on August 5 2016 | Verified Purchase

First one I have owned. I use with the sqaline salt, and pre boiled water. Made it to Australia without any breaking! Comfortable to hold, forms seal inside nostril. Worth doing some research if you are new. Best advice I learned, if it feels like water about to go down throat, gently tilt forehead forward. DO NOT SWALLOW AT ANY STAGE WHILE USING... apparently it affects ear pressure and can end up with blocked ear feeling for day or two. Go slowly. I only use half pot on each nostril. When finished, (after blowing nose) bend over, so you head is below knees, whilst in this position, lift head and also look from side to side. This will help drain any last bits of solution.

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Perfect lit'l Pot

Posted by iHerb Customer on April 8 2008 | Verified Purchase

This Nasal pot is much better than another brand I have tried. It is easier to use and I can fill up just once for both right and left nasel cleaning.

Thanks for your feedback!

Great Product

Posted by iHerb Customer on March 9 2008 | Verified Purchase

Used the Nasal Cleansing Pot for the first time and not only did it clear my nasal passages it also cleared my ear passages. Use it most every day as I have allergies and it works better then any pill I have ever taken. George

Thanks for your feedback!

Works OK

Posted by iHerb Customer on September 9 2008 | Verified Purchase

Previously I was using a plastic bottle you squeeze and the water comes out a spout at the top. I actually find the plastic bottle faster and easier. However, the nice thing about the pot is you can clean it with really hot water so you know it has been properly sterilized. Guess it's a trade off.

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