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Eating Veggies Will Make You Healthy!
ved838 Mi Rango : 1272
I came down with random health problems and no "MD" or typical mainstream medicine doctor could help me. They all either said, we have no idea or you are fine and it's in your head. RUDE! So what I did was use the power of the internet and the low prices of iHerb to figure out my health problems head on. Now, a year later, I am making steady progress up and it has all been because of eating healthy food (only *ORGANIC* fruits, veggies, & good protein in a balanced way) and taking the right supplements/vitamins/products in order to turn me on the up and up. iHerb gives me great prices which is why I shop here. I also like to leave comments about the products I have purchased in the past and show you why I purchased them and why they are healthy to me. So if you find my comments helpful, please say so on the comment and leave me a upvote. I really want to help people and tell them why it helped me so I am in the process of commenting for all products I have purchased!

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