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Ladies, you need to read this article if you're using this cream

Publicado por ThinkingforMyself en Jan 17, 2013 | Compra Verificada

I just read this on Dr. Mercola's site: Ideally, progesterone cream should NOT be applied to your skin. Instead use mucous epithelial membranes of your labia or rectum. Absorption through these membranes is more complete than through skin, and hormones absorbed through vaginal membranes enter the same pelvic plexus of veins that your ovaries normally empty into. If you apply the cream to your mucous epithelial membranes that line your uterus and vagina you obtain a virtually ideal administration system. Not only is absorption through these membranes more complete than through your skin, but hormones absorbed through your vaginal membranes enter the very same pelvic plexus of veins that your ovaries normally empty into. From here the hormones are carried to your heart and lungs and distributed to your tissues just as if your ovary had actually produced them. More info here:

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So far so good

Publicado por ThinkingforMyself en Aug 31, 2012 | Compra Verificada

I like the Neocell products. I take Neocell bovine collagen but read about the benefits of fish collagen for the skin, but I did not want a product with shark collagen due to the decimation of sharks, which are a keystone species and will affect life on Earth if we kill them off. Please consider this before you buy shark collagen.

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My dog had a growth, now she does not

Publicado por ThinkingforMyself en Nov 12, 2013 | Compra Verificada

My 13 year old coonhound cross had a black growth under her left arm. I was giving her ground apricot kernels (for b17) and bovine cartilage (to stop growth of blood vessels to tumors) for a few months. When I added this brewed tea to her food every morning (I cook all of her food and it's organic), she began to smell very badly. I did not know why at first, I didn't put the two things together, because I thought it was an old dog thing or a dental issue (I do look after her teeth). A few weeks later the smell went away and then I noticed the black growth was gone and there was just an open wound in its place. I sprayed it with silver water and it healed over.From what I have read, when tumors shrink, it's typical for there to be a terrible smell. When I read that, I realized that's what the smell had been. I don't know if it was the guardian spirit tea (essiac) or a combination of all three. I hope this helps someone out there.

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Seems to Help Me Sleep

Publicado por ThinkingforMyself en Dec 02, 2012 | Compra Verificada

I upped my increase of this to three times per day and seemed to sleep more soundly. When I did wake up during the night, I was still very sleepy and was able to fall back asleep, which is not typical for me. Then I started taking Corti-cut instead and that effect seemed to stop. Last night I woke up and decided to take one of the Super Cortisol Support. I fell asleep and slept very deeply for several hours. I'm going to take this at night from now on and take the Corti-cut during the day.

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Awesome stuff but don't be afraid to heat it or cook with it...

Publicado por ThinkingforMyself en Nov 06, 2011 | Compra Verificada

Update Nov 16, 2011: I started heating this because I read that raw maca has goitrogens. I tried boiling it in water and drinking it, and unfortunately did this last night and I was wide awake all night! This morning, afraid I'd be sleep all day, I heated some in the oven and put it in a smoothie. I was full of energy and not sleepy at all, and not only felt like working out, I felt like going for a walk afterwards. It seems to work better after heating! I will definitely continue to use this. Original Review: After I purchased this maca to help balance my hormones, I came across a video warning about maca causing cystic acne breakouts. The next day I began to break out. I have no idea if the maca is actually causing it or if it's just the power of suggestion, but I do seem to break out when I take it. I'm also going very easy on the dosage, as I've read other warnings that it can cause severe stomach upset. Otherwise, it seems like a great supplement, and this size is a good value.

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Teeny tiny wee jar! Good taste

Publicado por ThinkingforMyself en Nov 05, 2014 | Compra Verificada

I guess I didn't look at the size of the jar and went with the size of the picture on my screen because I was not expecting just how tiny this jar was going to be, which makes the stuff pretttttty expensive. However, I put a scoop in with my ground coffee and I am now placated. The coffee I was thinking about giving away (organic Nabob), I will now be able to drink happily. Vanilla powder seems like such a great idea!

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I don't think I like this brand

Publicado por ThinkingforMyself en May 27, 2013 | Compra Verificada

The first red palm oil I bought locally (different brand) and it was okay. I kept it in a drawer as it said to keep it away from light. This one I've only had open for about two weeks in the same drawer and it seems to have black mold on it. I looked at the label to see if I should have refrigerated it, but it doesn't say that anywhere. I don't think I'll be buying this one again. It also has a more grainy and dry texture than the first brand I bought.

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This cannot be pure tamanu oil

Publicado por ThinkingforMyself en Aug 09, 2014 | Compra Verificada

Although this smells kind of like tamanu oil, it is much lighter and more fluid than other brands of tamanu oil I have purchased. It is much more golden than brown or green, and pours out of the bottle very easily. The other brands I have are much more viscous and do not pour easily. It also is doing nothing for bikini bumps, which I had hoped it would according to what people have written on the net. Maybe it will just be an okay soothing oil, but if you really want tamanu oil, I would suggest getting a different brand.

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Makes me sleepy and tastes okay

Publicado por ThinkingforMyself en Sep 28, 2012 | Compra Verificada

I take various tinctures and most are awful because they taste of alcohol. This one, being alcohol free, does not, and just tastes a little bit sweet. It also makes me quite sleepy and so helps with falling back to sleep when I wake up during the night. It seems to work consistently, as well. I've found many natural sleep products only work for about one night, and then the next night they don't, so it's nice to find something I can take every night if I need it. Also, this company has a good 1:1 ratio of herbs to liquid which makes them quite potent.

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Great Stuff

Publicado por ThinkingforMyself en Dec 27, 2011 | Compra Verificada

This oil works very well and is very healing for skin problems.

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