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Excellent supplement.

Publicado por Cliente iHerb en Nov 21, 2011 | Compra Verificada

Although capsules are large, they are easy to swallow. I take one in the morning and two at night and feel sure it is helping my muscle spasms and I also sleep better. Not lying awake for so long.

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Hemp organics lip tint

Publicado por Cliente iHerb en May 31, 2011 | Compra Verificada

I bought this on the strength of the reviews and am I happy that I did. Tint lasts for ages and makes my normally chapped lips feel nice and soft. I'll buy this again, but will purchase more than one so as not to run out.

Gracias por su respuesta!

DiosMin wonderful.

Publicado por Cliente iHerb en Jun 30, 2010 | Compra Verificada

I had read about Life Time DiosMin in an MS magazine and although a bit dubious decided to give it a try. I am so glad that I did. The swelling of my feet and ankles has improved beyond measure and my varicose veins are much less lumpy..and this after such a short time. I am just about to order more DiosMin from iHerb. I live in Scotland & iHerb's delivery is second to none, great prices too.

Gracias por su respuesta!

Now Foods GTF chromium.

Publicado por Cliente iHerb en Sep 24, 2010 | Compra Verificada

I purchase this easy to swallow tab for my husband who is pre-diabetic. Along with diet and exercise it seems to be helping control his glucose levels.

Gracias por su respuesta!


Publicado por Cliente iHerb en Jan 18, 2010 | Compra Verificada

I was rather skeptical that GABA could help, but it really does. My mind is no longer racing at bedtime & I can fall asleep and waken refreshed. My muscle spasms also seem to have lessened too. I will buy this ex product again recommend to friends.

Gracias por su respuesta!

Easy swallow.

Publicado por Cliente iHerb en Nov 21, 2011 | Compra Verificada

My husband takes these to try to slow down the development of his cataracts and so far there has been no negative change in his eyes.

Gracias por su respuesta!

It really works

Publicado por Cliente iHerb en Jan 06, 2011 | Compra Verificada

I tried this product because of it's excellent reviews on iherb. I now wouldn't be without it. I have MS and my muscles can be very sore, especially after spasms. Rubbing this cream into my thighs and feet helps me have a pain free sleep.

Gracias por su respuesta!


Publicado por Cliente iHerb en Sep 08, 2011 | Compra Verificada

Easy to swallow, despite the size. I was advised to take this as a neuro protector as I have MS. Haven't been taking it long enough to notice any difference, other than my hair seems shinier.

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Publicado por Cliente iHerb en Sep 06, 2010 | Compra Verificada

I'm so grateful to iherb for this sample. A wonderful cream that worked wonders for my arthritic feet. I have now bought the full size tube. The cream also really helped my damaged cruciate ligament.

Gracias por su respuesta!

lip tint

Publicado por Cliente iHerb en Jun 27, 2011 | Compra Verificada

I love these lip tints. This being the second I've purchased. Husband tells me they look far nicer than my usual lipsticks.

Gracias por su respuesta!

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