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October 30, 2009
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Wonderful product!

Publicado por Cliente iHerb en Nov 20, 2009 | Compra Verificada

My three year old little girl has a mild case of atopic dermatitis and I did a lot of research on how antioxidants and whole green foods help with the condition. I've been giving her this powder in a little "green drink" daily for the past couple of weeks. I have noticed a significant improvement in her skin. She usually gets a bad flare-up when she is fighting a virus. She just got over a bad virus and since I've been giving her the greens every day this is the first time she hasn't had a flare-up. I've been taking it and giving it to my other two children as well. I have definately noticed an improvement in my overall sense of well-being and my energy levels are higher. I would highly recommend this product to everyone. I'm excited to build a strong foundation of health in my family now so that when my children grow up they won't have to deal with so many of the health issues that are plaguing our society due to poor diet and lack of nutrition. I like how this product has a really high ORAC rating and is supercharged with antioxidants. The price is very good compared with other green whole food products. As much as is possible, I'm probably going to take this for the rest of my life.

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Made me sick...

Publicado por Cliente iHerb en Dec 16, 2010 | Compra Verificada

I bought this herb to boost my immune system. I took 1500 mg for about two or three weeks when I started to get a really bad headache every day and stomach issues. I also began to wake up in the morning with very swollen eyelids. I've stopped taking it and I am starting to feel myself again. This might not happen to everyone, but I must be allergic or intolerant to it or something...

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Very satisfied

Publicado por Cliente iHerb en Nov 23, 2010 | Compra Verificada

I take one scoop per day in water and I give one teaspoon to each of my children in a "smoothie" of applejuice and bananas. They love it. It doesn't make me feel any different in terms of energy levels and I still get the flu, colds and such. However, I feel good knowing that I am investing in my health for the long-term and I will hopefully be avoiding disease in my future. I like this product because it is the best price I have been able to find for this size. I also like that it doesn't have any herbs in it...just whole foods and some probiotics. I feel safe to give it to my children. That's actually one of the main reasons I bought it was because I wanted something herb-free/stimulant-free that I could give to my children. I will most likely be taking this every day until I find a better deal out there, if there is one.

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Made Me Sick

Publicado por Cliente iHerb en Feb 07, 2012 | Compra Verificada

This upset my stomach and irritated my bowels to the point of diarrhea so i'm not able to take it long enough to see if it works to boost my immune system against colds and such. It also came in a white plastic bottle. Fish oils are supposed to be stored in either glass or brown bottles. I don't know if this product is legitimate. I'm going to go with Beta 1 3d glucan instead since there are no side effects.

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Not sure if this works

Publicado por Cliente iHerb en Oct 08, 2012 | Compra Verificada

I've been taking this for a couple of weeks hoping it would help with my asthma/lung inflammation. I have still had to take my inhaler so I'm not sure if this works or not. I don't know if I will be buying it again.

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