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Publicado por Cliente iHerb en Mar 11, 2008 | Compra Verificada

This is an awesome product! Now Foods’ Dong Quai 520 mg completely stopped my hot flashes within one week. I took it exactly as directed initially, but then had to reduce the quantity per day a bit due to some mild stomach upset. But even 2 capsules a day are enough to keep me symptom free now! I'd definitely recommend this product to women suffering from hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms. It’s really worth a try ladies!

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Great stuff!

Publicado por Cliente iHerb en Jul 02, 2009 | Compra Verificada

I'm using this product to help alleviate hot flashes due to menopause. It seems to work really well. The hot flashes have already started to lessen in intensity and duration, and this is only my 3rd week of using it. The only thing that was difficult for me to get used to was putting the Motherwort into something warm to drink. I tried to put it into warm water as the bottle suggested, but I didn't like the taste. I found it helpful to put it into my flavored coffee in the morning instead. Overall: Great product!

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Amazing Results!

Publicado por Cliente iHerb en May 30, 2011 | Compra Verificada

I'm a long time allergy sufferer and this has been a Godsend! BioAllers Grass formula and also the Tree formula seem to be all I need to make it through the season with no sneezing, no itchy eyes, no stuffed up nose, no scratchy throat, and no headaches! Honestly, I will definitely continue to buy this product and use it regularly. There is a major benefit to continued use... you need less and less as you go. It's kind of like a liquid form of an allergy shot. You eventually get cured of your allergy by using this product!!

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