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Publicado por Reviewer1729995 en Sep 01, 2011 | Compra Verificada

I have the worst case of fungal candida in my blood. This is the ONLY product that WORKS! Not Capricin which is toxic, didn't help. YOU WONT REGRET IT... only when you go through die off stage of about 10 days. Start slowly to avoid heavy die off. Use something to support your liver as well for detoxification.

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Publicado por Reviewer1729995 en Sep 14, 2011 | Compra Verificada

Take before 1pm. Will raise cortisol levels and estrogen.

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Very Strong Astragalus

Publicado por Reviewer1729995 en Aug 12, 2011 | Compra Verificada

I have cirrhosis. This has been very excellent for keeping my immune system strong and detoxifying my liver. It has also strengthened my adrenal glands, helping my thyroid. Adrenal glands must be strengthened first because they produce the hormones that the thyroid needs.

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Best Strongest Organic Brand

Publicado por Reviewer1729995 en Jul 05, 2010 | Compra Verificada

I take 2 a day to increase my progesterone levels. This is an excellent brand for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. If I don't take it I notice that my face is more oily. Progesterone also decreases testosterone in women with POLYCYSTIC OVARIAN SYNDROME.

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VERY STRONG for candida but Duanwood Reishi is even Stronger

Publicado por Reviewer1729995 en Sep 06, 2015 | Compra Verificada

Great Antibiotic, antifungal, antimicrobial, anti Candida , antiviral... I have to take at least 5 per meal and 15-20 per day. Liquid Duanwood Reishi Drops by Dragon Herbs is a medicinal mushroom that will slay candida. It controls overgrowth and you will be able to eat foods you haven't in the past. Give it a good month because natural medicine must build up in your body. If you take 3 dropperfuls/day, you will be very surprised!

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Publicado por Reviewer1729995 en Dec 20, 2015 | Compra Verificada

This product is awesome ... Everyone should take it to detox their liver. I have end stage cirrhosis and this helps my thyroid medication absorb much better. It also helps with headaches and itching, at least for me. When I stop taking it my liver doesn't absorb vitamins or my WP thyroid glandular very well. I have to take three times the amount and my thyroid hormones are still low. I can't take extracts because I have TH1 dominance from an autoimmune disease, so I have to stick with very gentle formulas, and this one uses whole herbs and whole mushrooms. The only drawback is that for 4 droperfuls twice a day, it's incredibly expensive. I think it's way overpriced compared to the thickness and power of the Dragon Herb extracts. With this, I need 4 droperfuls twice a day and with Dragon Herbs which is VERY REASONABLY PRICED DUE TO THE POTENCY, I only needed 10 drops 2 or 3 times/day. Unfortunately, herbal and medicinal mushroom extracts give me migraines, otherwise I would get Duanwood Reishi which works 100 times better in cirrhosis of the liver. The whites of my eyes were very white. My skin was incredibly smooth, soft and clear. I had more energy and NEVER got sick with Duanwood Reishi. This stuff will have to do for now if I don't want to suffer from migraines, insomnia and fluid retention. This is unique to my rare autoimmune disease, though, so don't let that stop you from trying it.

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Publicado por Reviewer1729995 en Sep 23, 2012 | Compra Verificada

Most powerful tincture to give you energy with excellent ingredients. Timothy Ray is brilliant!

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good - there's better stuff

Publicado por Reviewer1729995 en Jan 31, 2012 | Compra Verificada

The better oregano oil is WILD MEDITERRANEAN OIL OF OREGANO. This is from South America. It isn't as good. I'm still bloated but I suppose it has killed off some bugs because when I take it on an empty stomach it will make me feel sick to my stomach for about 5 minutes, then it passes. I think it works better on an empty stomach.

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Publicado por Reviewer1729995 en Aug 16, 2011 | Compra Verificada

Be careful not to use too much, just the recommended dose, otherwise your potassium may get higher than your salt and this ratio needs to be balanced.

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Publicado por Reviewer1729995 en Feb 11, 2014 | Compra Verificada

I feel a refreshing difference as I am trying to heal my leaky gut and eliminate candida. I take 1 TABLE. Sovereign Silver mixed with 1 TABLE. ALOE GOLD on an empty stomach 3 times a day with a multi-spectrum probiotic at night, staying on a strict diet of organic meat and vegetables, flax meal, etc., low carb. diet so as not to feed the candida. I also take the Sovereign Silver under the tongue, 1 teasp. 3-7 times/day, for 5 minutes, then swallow. This is the protocol to heal a leaky gut. HEAL and SEAL the gut first from antibiotics, candida, colitis, crohns, celiac, etc. This aloe vera is pumped with vitamins, amino acids, trace minerals, amino acids and more, that's why it has a light honey color to it. I love the taste but for most people it should be mixed with water. FIVE STARS! A LIFE SAVER!!!

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