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Helping me survive adrenal fatigue

Publicado por Reviewer1660870 en Mar 14, 2010 | Compra Verificada

This has been helping me survive my low adrenal secretions/adrenal fatigue over the last 4 months. It makes a definite and marked difference. You have to measure to find the level that's right for you. Too low and I get back aches and poor, light sleep. Too high and I also get poor - deep and very short sleep. The amount I currently take is 7 caps after breakfast. I don't take this with milk as Dr Baschetti advised. I tried that by breaking and disolving the caps in milk, but it works just as well taken once after breakfast as capsules. One other point: I recently learned that my adrenal fatigue may be due to very poor glucose metabolism and accompanying chromium deficiency. Apparently these 2 factors could really overwork the adrenals. Given my family history that will be worth investigating. So basically I'm using licorice to manage my symptoms while continuing to search for root the cause of my exhausted adrenals.

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Works as well as other brand - No stomach upset

Publicado por Reviewer1660870 en Jun 19, 2013 | Compra Verificada

I've had CFS for many years. I tried Solgar's equivalent product Metafolin. It worked but gave me an upset stomach. I can't afford an upset stomach as I have IBS symptoms so I tried this. This does the same thing without the stomach upset. What does it do? It changes my perception of, and tolerance to cold. I don't feel the cold as much basically. The cold used to always feel as if it was going into the bone but not anymore. It affected my brain fog in a subtle way. It didn't remove it (B12 patches did) but it improved my ability to focus my attention and eyes on one spot. Before taking it I'd be unable to focus and my attention would sort of be constantly hazy and scattered within the brain fog.

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Disturbed my sleep

Publicado por Reviewer1660870 en Apr 05, 2012 | Compra Verificada

A stroke of good fortune lead me to discovering that the Lion's mane in this supplement was why I hadn't been sleeping well for 2 weeks. Your mileage may vary of course, most people posting here seem to do well on it.

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Better than any other adrenal glandular here

Publicado por Reviewer1660870 en Apr 19, 2011 | Compra Verificada

A very smart nutritionist explained to me that Isocort is superior to all other adrenal glandulars and here's why: - Standardized release of cortisol in each pellet unlike glandulars which are irregular in the amount they release per tablet, and per batch. - According to him, the adrenals prefer steady, not fluctuating support. So this will provide better support and healing. Since taking these I've felt better. They seem more powerful than the other glandulars I've used such as the one from Nutricology. I take licorice as well for the same reason and have cut my dose. I take 4 of these pellets at 7.30am along with vitamin C (Now Foods C-1000/calcium ascorbate that can be taken on an empty stomach) and 4 pellets at 12-1pm.

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Hmm, not so good for detox

Publicado por Reviewer1660870 en Jul 08, 2010 | Compra Verificada

I bought this as I am doing a Candida diet (no sweet substances in my diet at all, no white flour, no lactose or yeast). The diet is proving to be awfully effective as I've felt poisoned by the dying Candida. I have been feeling absolutely horrible. This product was supposed to help by beefing up the power of the liver to remove toxins. Well it hasn't really helped with the 'toxic' sensation I've been experiencing. If detox is your aim I would not recommend this product. Through some very good fortune I found reviews here for Jarrow NAC (N Acetyl Cysteine) that said it was good for detox. So far - and I've only had 2 tablets so it's early to tell - it appears to be reducing my detox symptoms in a very noticeable way. This product never helped with this.

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Helped with Candida detox when nothing else did

Publicado por Reviewer1660870 en Jul 26, 2010 | Compra Verificada

After 4 months on Erica White's Candida program (a well-regarded diet and supplement program designed to starve to death Candida in the body) I was sick and toxic to the point where I could hardly work. In all my years of health probems this feeling of toxicity (and accompanying physical weakness) was something I hadn't experienced before. This supplement reduced the debilitating nature of the experience quite a bit. I still don't feel great, but am much better than I was and am able to persist with the Candida program. NOW Foods Silymarin complex - another recommended supplement for managing detox symptoms by strengthening the liver - didn't work for me.

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Chronic fatigue improved and a variety of symptoms stopped

Publicado por Reviewer1660870 en May 17, 2011 | Compra Verificada

I've had chronic fatigue for a while. When you have that you thrash around working on different theories until (you hope) you find one that can help you. Prompted by a herbalist/naturopath, I had the idea that I maybe had a liver problem. I went on this supplement as well as staying on Magnesium Malate which had also helped a lot. I felt improvement in the first few days which gave hope, and, unlike all other previous solutions, this improvement hasn't faded away, but has continued! Symptoms which in the past I had associated with 'Candida' have gone or greatly reduced. These include: flatulence, a feeling of general toxicity, an increase in toxicity after ingesting certain foods, insomnia that responded to high amounts of L-Ornithine. A smart herbalist/naturapath helped me realize that Candida, however bad, should not make you totally housebound as I was. 'Candida' is a problem you should be able to carry around and continue to live with. For the first time in years, my chronic fatigue is not progressively worsening but improving. It started with Magnesium Malate and this supplement. I added Acetyl L Carnitine, Thymus Extract, and Now Foods Silymarin (with Curcumin). These supplements are recommended by Dr Michael Murray for Hepatitis C. Taking supplements (and changing my diet) as if I have Hepatitis C is what has brought me this improvement. I went for my first long drive in 6 months yesterday. I'm now getting medically tested for Hep C and liver disfunction. Whatever they come back with, I already know how to improve my liver health and physical energy.

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Great for scheduling. Can take any time on empty stomach.

Publicado por Reviewer1660870 en May 17, 2011 | Compra Verificada

Since this doesn't burn the stomach it's easy to schedule into your day. I take 1 first thing on an empty stomach with my adrenal extract Isocort. I was advised to take vit C along with adrenal extract by a smart herbalist/naturopath. It would have been hard to without food if I used normal vitamin C. I take 3 of these day as part of the effort to hold and then reverse chronic fatigue and related symptoms that indicate wide systemic stress.

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More powerful than the other Now Foods Silymarin

Publicado por Reviewer1660870 en May 17, 2011 | Compra Verificada

Taking liver products has improved my chronic fatigue more than anything else I pursued. I had started Source Natural's Liver Guard and felt a bit more energetic. However I also noticed a new red blotch on my cornea that a reviewer mentioned here. I added this product to my regime. The red mark has gone. However in my cases I believe it was also due to stopping taking a lipotropic - a substance that stimulates bile secretion (like a 'liver cleanse'). I learned later on that my system is too weak at present for that kind of thing and it caused ride sided pain, cold and weakness. That is quite possibly caused the redness in the eye. But anyway I'm feeling well on this product combined with Liver Guard, Acetyl Carnitine and Magnesium Malate. I like the curcumin mixture.

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Vital part of my sleep regime

Publicado por Reviewer1660870 en Jan 28, 2012 | Compra Verificada

Part of my nightly regime for sleep alongside L-Ornithine and 5-HTP (and an adrenal extract in the morning). I tried to stop taking it but my insomnnia returned.

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