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This product is so imporant if you are dealing with Chemtrail poisoning!

Publicado por Reviewer1486600 en Sep 14, 2011 | Compra Verificada

Heavy metal poisoning is coming at us with the metal being put in your cereal, potato chips, flour, and who knows where else. Its also being sprayed in large quantities in what you think is "con trails" but its not. They are chemical trails. This product should be part of your daily routine before you go to bed. Metals go to your brain and feet when you are sleeping. You need to remove it. This is a really good product.

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Great product and best kept seccret!

Publicado por Reviewer1486600 en Jun 26, 2010 | Compra Verificada

I got bit by a brown recluse spider and I used these patches to pull the venom, my neck, down to my foot. I was lucky because I did not lose any skin around my neck due to the use of these. My foot did heal due to the skin dying but I would rather have it be on my foot than my neck. My dad did not think this product worked until I went through that and now my parents keep them on hand and also use them at lease several times a week. We sleep better too and if you have restless foot problems and trouble sleeping you might want to try these. It makes me feel good knowing I'm detoxing while I sleep and you really do see the results in the pad the next day. If you have never detox this is a must. I love these.

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This is a must if you have any stomach problems

Publicado por Reviewer1486600 en Jun 01, 2010 | Compra Verificada

This is great for ulcers, stomach digestive issues, and regularity. Love it and it has really good ingredients without the chemicals.

Gracias por su respuesta!

Fluoride causes calcification of your brain, break free

Publicado por Reviewer1486600 en Apr 28, 2011 | Compra Verificada

Toxins in our air and food cause memory fade. Things like mercury in vaccines, and high fructose syrup causes us to have dementia like symptoms This helps to restore the function of the brain and improve memory.

Gracias por su respuesta!

love it

Publicado por Reviewer1486600 en Oct 14, 2011 | Compra Verificada

great for chemtrail it.

Gracias por su respuesta!

Love it!

Publicado por Reviewer1486600 en Dec 27, 2009 | Compra Verificada

This is a great product and has many uses. Thank god people don't know about all the wonderful things this oil does because the price would probably be higher. Yippee for me. I actually make a homemade pesticide with it and it works better than any harmful chemicals that are out there. I love it and it smells great.

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Great price, great product.

Publicado por Reviewer1486600 en Apr 28, 2011 | Compra Verificada

If you have digestive issues you could be lacking in enzymes for your lower intestines. This is a great source of enzymes plus it also helps to detox your system.

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This is great to keep on hand for a natural disaster!

Publicado por Reviewer1486600 en Mar 21, 2011 | Compra Verificada

Just in case we need to grow a quick garden inside, this is the ticket. Everyone should have a few of these bags stored up just in case there is a problem that arises. It only takes about 8 days to make food that is nutritional and healthy.

Gracias por su respuesta! great...

Publicado por Reviewer1486600 en Jan 25, 2011 | Compra Verificada

If you are sick or have an upper respiratory problem and can't get well, this works great!

Gracias por su respuesta!

love this stuff!

Publicado por Reviewer1486600 en Oct 14, 2011 | Compra Verificada

talk about long, hard, beutiful nails. My hair is also really healthy looking and ppl notice too. I am not sure what it is doing on the inside but i am sure its good news. I am sold on it for life.

Gracias por su respuesta!

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