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Best Iron Product For Me

Publicado por Cliente iHerb en Nov 21, 2010 | Compra Verificada

This product has enabled me to avoid iron injections when no other oral iron supplement could. My ferritin levels are finally in the range where thyroid hormone therapy can be effective. I revere this product.

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The Best Available

Publicado por Cliente iHerb en Sep 14, 2011 | Compra Verificada

This is the only iron supplement, short of injections or IVs, that has brought my ferritin levels into the correct range and keeps them there. I swear by this product.

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Very good product

Publicado por Cliente iHerb en Aug 06, 2007 | Compra Verificada

I've tried others but I am most happy with this formula. I started taking 400mg twice a day per dr's recommendation three yrs ago to help control migraine; within two months I had noticeable reduction in migraine frequency/duration when used in conjuction with Feverfew. I had been getting 2-3 migraines per month, now I only have them once every two or three months. It also helps me sleep better and have less limb and joint pain. Just beware that Magnesium at high doses can cause loose stools, especially at first.

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Works for me

Publicado por Cliente iHerb en Mar 20, 2007 | Compra Verificada

Based on accounts I've read elsewhere, I think this product works for some people but not others, maybe because of individual chemistry. It definitely works for me, halting ordinary pimples in their tracks and hastening the departure of painful cystic (hormonal) acne. At such a reasonable price, give it a try in case you're one of the people it can help, and be sure to apply at the first sign of an outbreak for best results.

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This really works!

Publicado por Cliente iHerb en Jun 28, 2006 | Compra Verificada

As a chronic fatigue sufferer, I was having a lot of trouble getting rejuvenating sleep. I avoided prescription sleep aids because I didn't like the side effects, and other herbal remedies didn't have a noticeable effect, except that one brand made my sleep habits even worse! However, this product really works for me, consistently, reliably, and with no side effects whatsoever. I fall asleep easily, I stay asleep, and I awake refreshed and alert. The ingredients are natural and nourishing, so I'm not afraid of toxicity with prolonged use. I take one capsule every night and it works without knocking me comatose. I won't be without it!

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Makes a Difference

Publicado por Cliente iHerb en Jul 13, 2009 | Compra Verificada

Recommended by my physician to ease autoimmune inflammation. I've been using it for over two years and any time I stop taking it, I soon begin to notice I have less energy and more discomfort. I stir it into a cup of tea twice a day--it doesn't interfere with the flavor of the tea, but adds a tiny, pleasant hint of sweetness.

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Husband says it works

Publicado por Cliente iHerb en Nov 26, 2011 | Compra Verificada

I got this for my husband to use when he comes off his 12-hour nightshift rotations. He says it really helps him get to sleep and remain asleep during noisy daylight hours.

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Can't be without it!

Publicado por Cliente iHerb en Jun 15, 2013 | Compra Verificada

I love, love, love this product. I've been buying it for years though it was frequently difficult to find. I'm thrilled that iHerb now offers it. The cream is easy to use and covers the gray in my fine-textured, light-to-medium brown hair very nicely, changing the gray strands to golden-brown highlights. I do an application every eight weeks and, although the instructions state a far shorter time period, I leave the cream on for several hours (sometimes I just cover it with a headwrap and leave it on overnight while I sleep). The longer I leave the treatment on, the richer the color and the longer it lasts. Sometimes I've even gone ten weeks before the next treatment. I have short hair, so a single tube lasts me through several applications and the product ends up being economical for me in the long run. I recommend Logona's clay mask (Naturkosmetic Hair Color Plus, Color Preparation) as a pre-treatment to clear the hair of product buildup and environmental toxins, allowing the Color Cream to adhere even better, but I haven't seen it available yet at iHerb. If there's a caveat to Logona Hair Color Cream, it's that after I've colored my hair, it's TOO soft and silky until I wash it again. I avoid shampooing for a couple of days because I want to let the color "set in," though that may be just my perception. I find I don't need any post-color conditioner but other customers may prefer to use one. I understand that some people might be reluctant to try a hair color they have to leave on for more than a few minutes but I think it's worth the effort; this cream is actually good for my hair and will not harm my body in any way. I just tell myself I'm giving my hair a spa-day (or night) and plan on staying home. :)

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Publicado por Cliente iHerb en Jan 06, 2011 | Compra Verificada

I'm very grateful my doctor suggested d-ribose to help alleviate autoimmune problems, and I'm grateful to iHerb for making it more affordable than most places do. I've been using it for about four years and it does make a difference--I'm enjoying a lengthy remission of most symptoms. At times, I've tried to go without the d-ribose because it's still expensive, but symptoms start coming back.

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The Name Says It All

Publicado por Cliente iHerb en Apr 29, 2006 | Compra Verificada

This has become an essential product in the management of my connective tissue disease. In a sleep study it was found that my Delta sleep patterns were abnormal and contributed to my condition, which was something I'd already suspected. I had no trouble falling asleep, but staying asleep and experiencing deep, renewing rest were a frustrating, seemingly impossible goal. I was not content to take prescription sleep aids because I prefer to limit my exposure to drugs and toxins when I can. Revitalizing Sleep Formula is a natural, herbal approach that truly does help me get uninterrupted deep sleep. When I don't take it, I don't sleep as well or awake refreshed. I've tried other brands of herbal sleep remedies but they had no noticeable effect (except one that actually kept me awake!) I've been taking Enzymatic Therapy's formula for over a year and so far it remains consistently effective and without side effects. I am very grateful for this product.

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