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Same as Oscillococcinum, but cheaper

Publicado por Reviewer1030487 en Aug 11, 2007 | Compra Verificada

If you like Oscillococcinum, this product contains the same active ingredient (homeopathic Anas barbariae in the 200 potency), for a much better price.

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It really does work!

Publicado por Reviewer1030487 en Jun 16, 2007 | Compra Verificada

I was having almost daily migraines, but since I started taking this supplement three weeks ago, I only had two headaches, no migraines. I just ordered some more, it really works!

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It does smell like apricots!

Publicado por Reviewer1030487 en Apr 25, 2007 | Compra Verificada

Good quality product, very pleasant apricot scent! Doesn't dry my skin and I wash my hands every 5 minutes. The other Jason soaps are good too, I just prefer the apricot fragrance.

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Hesperidin for Migraines

Publicado por Reviewer1030487 en Mar 10, 2017 | Compra Verificada

My naturopathic doctor recommended Thorne Hesperidin for my chronic migraines. Hesperidin strengthens and protects the blood vessels, which are under considerable stress during a migraine. I have been taking 3/day for the last month, and it has helped a lot, reducing the frequency and intensity of my migraines. An added bonus: it helps a lot with hot flashes!

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The pleasure of washing your hands

Publicado por Reviewer1030487 en Jul 01, 2007 | Compra Verificada

The good quality of Jason soaps combined with a delicate rose fragrance: a very pleasant experience!

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