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They laughed at us in the 60's when we made our own organic granola and fed our babies seaweed and soymilk. Now, we look like trendsetters. Except for the seaweed part. I'm 73 years old, and I for the past 45 years I've focused on living a natural lifestyle. I'll be candid with my opinions on iHerb, and try not to waste your time. Every month I order from iHerb. It's my exclusive source for supplements and most of my whole foods and toiletries. Why not? The variety is impressive, the quality is fresh, the service is speedy, and the user reviews are something that can't be found elsewhere! Let's share what we know. To your health.

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for lower blood pressure

Publicado por PinkOveralls en Jul 11, 2008 | Compra Verificada

I give this to my husband because I read it will help lower blood pressure. His numbers indicate that it works.

Gracias por su respuesta!

Really helpful

Publicado por PinkOveralls en Apr 06, 2009 | Compra Verificada

Been using this for years. My arthritic hands feel the difference.

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Makes a big difference.

Publicado por PinkOveralls en Mar 22, 2011 | Compra Verificada

I now take a teaspoon morning and night. I think my mental clarity and physical energy have improved. The biggest difference came in the effect the cod liver oil had on internal inflammation. I suffered from intermittent but chronic chest pains for over 10 years. Homeopathy helped a little, but they always returned. Acupuncture helped, but didn't cure. Doctors and heart specialists had no answers. The only thing that alleviated the discomfort was a heat pack. Within days of starting on this cod liver oil, the chest pains were gone. I wasn't sure why, but when I did some research I found that cod liver oil is helpful in reducing inflammation. I had been taking various omega oils for years, but none had the effect that Carlsons oil. The taste is even pleasant, as others have noted.

Gracias por su respuesta!


Publicado por PinkOveralls en May 14, 2012 | Compra Verificada

Taking this made a difference in just a few days. I don't know if my discomfort was from a urinary tract infection or oversenstive bladder, but this product helped. Good product to have on hand at all times.

Gracias por su respuesta!


Publicado por PinkOveralls en Dec 29, 2008 | Compra Verificada

I know this relieves my arthritic pain because if I run out of it, my hands begin hurting very soon.

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Fast acting

Publicado por PinkOveralls en Sep 28, 2011 | Compra Verificada

I keep these on hand ever since I had a bout with food poisoning. I found they really helped settle the stomach in about 15 minutes.

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Publicado por PinkOveralls en Dec 15, 2009 | Compra Verificada

This product keeps my arthritic hands from hurting. I wouldn't be without it.

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Publicado por PinkOveralls en May 14, 2012 | Compra Verificada

I ordered this on the advice on my massage therapist. I hoped it would help with osteoarthritis, but I haven't had any results after one entire bottle. Maybe another brand works better.

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My health care provider recommended

Publicado por PinkOveralls en Jul 17, 2009 | Compra Verificada

My naturopath suggested this brand because he said pharmaceutical grade means I'll be avoiding mercury that could come with other fish oils.

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Sleep aid, maybe

Publicado por PinkOveralls en Apr 27, 2010 | Compra Verificada

This seems to be helping with my insomnia.

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